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Instantly assess development opportunities using AI-powered generative design integrated with development budgets and investment models.

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Real estate development is slow. costly. complex. risky.
It doesn't have to be.

Developers evaluate an average of 31 opportunities for every one they develop.
With Parafin there are no more design fees, endless iterations, or weeks of delay.

Parafin saves developers time and money

Parafin instantly creates optimized designs, budgets, and investment models for any site.

Not Months

Instantly identify the best-possible design among millions of generated designs, each tied to a budget and investment model.

Win Deals

Save weeks of time on every site evaluation, and bid on sought-after properties before the competition.

Grow Your

Parafin frees up developers to pursue hundreds of projects they simply didn’t have time to consider.

Eliminate hefty design fees

Never pay for endless design revisions again. Your annual subscription covers unlimited projects.

AI-Generated Brand-Specific Hotel Designs

In partnership with leading hotel brands, Parafin’s proprietary AI model is individually fine-tuned for each brand, enabling astonishingly fast and precise design generation.

One click unleashes a wave of unique, brand-compliant designs, each optimized for your site and investment objectives.


Make smarter, data-driven decisions in just a few clicks

Current Process

Architect A: Too Busy Architect B: Conflicted Out Architect C: Available Design Option 3 Design Option 2 Design Option 1 Find another site and start over... Request revisions and repeat Site comes to market Pull team away from other projects Build investment model for each option Submit Offer Another developer beat you to it... Cost: $40,000 per project Time: 2 months

Using Parafin

Run Site comes to market Select a concept and submit your offer weeks before the competition Time & money saved Cost: Annual subscription Time: Minutes

Parafin leadership

Led by a team with deep experience at the intersection of real estate development and generative design technology.

Adam Hengels


Adam drives innovation and transformation at the intersection of real estate development and technology. He holds degrees from the University of Illinois, Illinois Institute of Technology, and MIT.

Having played a pivotal role in the development of the $5B Atlantic Yards and Barclays Center Arena in Brooklyn, Adam's team protected the company's financial stability during the 2008 crisis and ensured the project's successful continuation.

Adam combines his industry experience with innovative thinking to accelerate and optimize real estate development through artificial intelligence and generative design.

Brian Ahmes


An award-winning architect and recognized as a top construction influencer by Autodesk, Brian is an expert in design and technology. He co-founded the LINE computational design studio within HKS Architects, a pioneer in advanced computational design.

In 2013, he also co-founded H.ME to envision, launch, and operate disruptive hospitality products and business models. After securing investment from Hyatt Hotels, H.ME prototyped innovative residential hotel concepts for digitally-native travelers and collaboration-focused organizations such as Google and GSA.

Today, Brian brings his extensive expertise in AI-powered generative design to Parafin, revolutionizing the real estate industry.

Arol Wolford

Angel Investor / Advisor

Founder of CMD, SmartBIM
CIO Building Systems Design
Early investor and Board Member of Revit

"I have seen data and BIM transform the construction industry. Parafin puts real estate developers in the driver’s seat of the next wave of transformation: generative design."

Steve Weikal


Managing Partner, MET Fund II
Industry Chair, Real Estate Transformation Lab, MIT Center for Real Estate

“Parafin is an example of the autonomous future of real estate, where various processes, including development, will get faster, more automated, and increasingly digital.”

Steve Haggerty


Principal and Founder at Bare Hill
Former Global Head of Real Estate & Capital Strategy, Hyatt Hotels Corporation

“The ability to quickly understand the feasibility of multiple hotel brands on a site is truly a game-changer for both brands and developers.”

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Press and Awards

Parafin’s Brian Ahmes named top construction influencer

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Winner of CREtech’s prestigious 2020 RETAS award 

10 most promising tech players in preconstruction & planning

AI-driven design could revolutionize the lodging industry

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